Prayer To Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora are representatives of the 6th. Ray.
Because of thee law of Free Will, they cannot interfere with our lives.
If we want their help ,we must make the call.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name of Christ within me, I call on Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora.

I thank you for keeping the Flame of Peace for all mankind until they can invoke it for themselves.

Please prepare the way for the unfoldment of the light of God within each soul, especially within—-.

I call for the judgment of terrorism in——.

I call for Archangel Uriel to separate the tares from the wheat that are growing side by side within me.

Help me to see what is Real and what is unreal in my consciousness.

I call for divine justice and the true and righteous judgments of God.

I call for God’s judgment to descend to earth.

I ask you to teach me how to use the Resurrection Flame to conquer fear and achieve true God-mastery.

Please help me to learn and use the simple art of letting go and letting God perform His perfect work in me and through me.

I ask you to help me master the 6th. Ray qualities of service, ministration, brotherhood, resurrection and divine judgment.

Please teach me how to use the energy of the solar-plexus chakra correctly.

I ask you to help me keep and maintain peace between myself and other people and be an instrument for peace in this world and to teach me to increase the flame of peace in my aura. Please teach me how to use the power of peace against the forces of anti-peace.

I ask you to help me master my emotions and release all anger and fear so that I can attain inner peace.

Help me to create a harmonious environment which will encourage and foster my nurturance, creativity, and growth.

Help me to see the brotherhood of humankind–to see the reality of a deeper connection that we all have to each other and to thus , base my actions on that understanding.

II ask you to inspire nurses, doctors, hospice workers, counsellors, teachers, judges, public servants and all who serve others.

 Let it be done according to God’s Will.  AMEN. 


Beloved Archangel Uriel,

I accept your gift of peace in my heart!

I accept your gift of peace in my spirit!

I accept yout gift of peace in my body!

Make me as instrument of your peace.

Let it be done according to God’s holy will.


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